8 facts you need to know about Indian Literacy


On the day of International literacy day every Indian need to know some facts about Indian Literacy. We are moving very rapidly to become a global power; but there are still many hindrances in our way. Literacy certainly is an important one. Major 8 facts you need to know about Indian Literacy.

  • India is certainly growing power of the world now but huge efforts are still needed in the field of education as the statistics suggests that, Current Indian literacy rate is 75% where the world literacy rate is 84%. Long way to go.
  • British legacy has massive impact on our society, Education was the prime focus of their policies as at the end of the British rule the Literacy rate was 12%
  • To reconstruct the Education system in India, British government presented a plan called Sergeant Scheme in 1944. Goal of this scheme was to achieve 100% literacy by the time of 40 i.e. 1984. But unfortunately we are still hanging between 75 %.
  • A study in 1990 estimated that it would take 2060 for India to achieve universal literacy at the current rate of progress. That shows that we are still very slow.
  • We are certainly not leader in the positive aspect of the literacy but we do lead rest of the world in the illiteracy rate. India has the highest illiterate population all the nations.
  • Talking about the states literacy rate there is no surprise in the result as the current statistics also shows that winner and looser has remained their position saved. State of Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India with the literacy rate of 93.7%. And Bihar is the least literate state in India with the literacy rate of 63.82%.
  • Gender discrimination can be also proved here as well as the statistics shows huge gap between male and female literacy rate. In India male literacy rate is 82.14% and female literacy rate is 65.46%. Women empowerment is badly needed.
  • India is dreaming to became the new world power and lot of positive vibes and news can be felt and heard but if we look at the statistics, it is still difficult to beat our neighbors only. As the china has Adult literacy rate (15+) 95% (2010) and youth literacy rate (15-24) 99.7 %( 2015). And stands at the fourth position after Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Where the world literacy rate is 84%. We need to work really hard to achieve our dreams.


India is certainly moving very fast to become the epitome of world power but this dream can only be achieved by high education. And statistics suggest that India still need to work really hard.  Government is certainly responsible for the all the implication we need to improve our current situation but contribution of people of India


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